Welcome to Ruslanguage School

We provide Russian language courses in Russia (Moscow), for those who wish to study Russian as a foreign language for work and business, for everyday life and communication, for scientific research or just for pleasure.

Established in 1991 with the co-operation of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Russian language school Ruslanguage has 26-year experience in teaching Russian to foreigners from all over the world. We are located on Arbat, a picturesque area in Moscow city centre, with plenty of famous landmarks within easy walking distance.

The school offers a variety of group, individual or group + individual Russian lessons of any level, from beginner to advanced. Russian language study programs run all year round.

Our teachers of the Russian language are highly professional specialists from Moscow State University and Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. Their teaching methods and individualized approach create a healthy learning environment for the rapid progress in learning the Russian language and passing TORFL exam in Moscow.

To the students of the Russian Short-term course, Long-term study program, Russian Summer courses and Academic Year the school offers all-round administrative support which includes arrangement of Russian visa, accommodation in Moscow and transfers from/to the airport.

To know more about us see our former students' feedbacks and check out our photo gallery to acquaint with the school's atmosphere.


Russian Summer Courses in Moscow

From 148 euro/week Learn more
Flexible study course which combines group and individual classes Mixed program
Free WiFi
Student lounge
Leisure activities
Coffee machine
Official exam center
Max class size 9

Outstanding location
in the heart of Moscow

Free Russian language placement test every Monday at 9 a.m.