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Tea Time in Moscow

Drinking tea in Moscow is a real phenomenon! And it’s not just a phenomenon, but an originally, truly and exclusively Muscovite one. In older times, people […]

Samovar or How to Drink Tea in Russia

“У самовара я и моя Маша. Чай будем пить вприкуску до утра…” (The samovar, me and my Masha. Bitter tea we will drink with a piece […]

Language Changes and Norms

Facts appearing in the living speech to acquire the status of norms, should necessarily answer to intra-linguistic laws, not in contradiction with the basic tendencies of […]

Declension of the Numerals

A. V. Ivanov, historian of Russian language wrote: “Особенностью древнерусского языка по сравнению с современным было отсутствие числительных как особой части речи, которая есть в современном […]

Christmas and New Year at Ruslanguage school

As the holiday season is already on the doorstep, we are happy to announce that on December 17, at 17.00 all the students and staff will […]

Kitai Gorod

Moscow’s oldest area “Китай Город” (Kitai Gorod) is located East of the Kremlin, only separated from it by the Red Square. Although the name of this […]

The Soul of Moscow

“Москва не есть обыкновенный большой город, каких тысяча. Москва не безмолвная громада камней, холодных, составленных в геометрическом порядке… нет! У неё есть своя душа, своя жизнь” […]

Mashina Vremeni, the Russian rock band that vindicates its name

Mashina Vremeni (Машина времени = Time Machine) is a Russian rock band founded in 1969. Mashina Vremeni was a pioneer of Soviet rock music, and remains one of the oldest […]

Mikhail Glinka, Great Russian Composer

If you spend some time in Moscow, you should plan a visit to the Glinka Museum of Musical Culture. There you can see and listen to […]

I step through Moscow

“Я шагаю по Москве” (“I step through Moscow”, also translated as “I walk around Moscow”) is a Soviet film directed by Георгий Данелия (Georgi Daneliya) in […]