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What Soviet Newspapers Do You Have?

During the mid-70s, when Советская Россия (Soviet Russia) was still достаточно стабильна (fairly stable) and the people единодушно голосовали за (unanimously voted for) the party, funny […]

Solovki:… to the Gulag and Back (part 2)

Today, you can read the second and last part of our article about the Solovetsky Islands. In our first part, we were telling you about the […]

Solovki: From the Orthodox Asceticism… (Part 1)

As soon as the Soviet Union came to an end, and with it the fall of Железный занавес (the Iron Curtain), Russians took it as a […]

Puss in Boots – Кот в Сапогах

Have you ever wondered how great writers from the past centuries would feel, if they knew how famous their literary work became. What would they think […]

Russian Proverbs, Solution of our Game

As promised, it is time to give you the answers of our game from Friday. 1-Ё: Повторение – мать ученья: (Repetition is the mother of learning). […]

Guess the End of Those Russian Proverbs

Today we decided to make up a quiz for you. It’s quite simple: match the beginning of those proverbs (1-11) with their endings (А-Й). 1 Повторение […]

Live Great Russian Language Dictionary

When learning Russian, it is impossible not to refer to an explanatory dictionary. The most extensive and original one, which has no equivalent in other nations, […]

Russian tongue twisters– Русские скороговорки

I know what you are thinking: русский скороговорник (ruski skaragavornik) tongue twisters! This is for дети (dyeti) children!! Well, basically yes, you’re right. But do you […]

Yaroslavl, the City of Unsurpassed Beauty

Город Ярославль (the city of Yaroslavl) was named after its founder, великого князя Ярослава Мудрого (the Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise). It was founded in the […]

Rostov Veliky, the Prettiest City of the Golden Ring

Just before entering the city of Ростов Великий (Rostov the Great) (190 km northeast of Moscow) the beauty of озеро Неро (lake Nero) welcomes amazed travellers, […]