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Russian Jokes

During the Soviet times, there was a very popular joke…
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Russian Idioms: Seven Fridays in the Week

Means that a person is unstable in its opinion,or…

Reserve-Museum Abramtsevo (part 1)

The first mention of усадьба Абрамцево (Abramtsevo Estate) dates back from the late 16th century…

Marina Tsvetaeva “Here in my Moscow”

 Marina Tvsetaeva (1892 – 1941) was a Russian and Soviet poet whose work is considered among the greatest of the 20th century…

Special Summer Offer

We are happy to announce that this year the Ruslanguage school celebrates its 25th anniversary. To mark this milestone, we launch a Special Intensive Summer Program […]

The Red Square

The history of Красная площадь (the Red Square) is irremediably linked with the history of Кремль (the Kremlin) as it has witnessed so much of Russian […]

The Pushkin Fine Arts Museum of Moscow

Art lovers visiting Moscow, should spend at least few hours in the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum. Indeed the museum displays the largest collection of foreign arts […]

Your Honour, Lady Luck

The song “Ваше Благородие, Госпожа Удача” (Your Honour, Lady Luck) has been written by Bulat Okydzhava in 1967, and is the main theme song in the […]

“Winter Evening” – A. Pushkin

Alexandr Pushkin is one of the greatest Russian poet of all time. He is also famous for modernising Russian language. “Зимний Вечер” (Winter Evening) is a […]