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Million Scarlet Roses

Алла Пугачёва (Alla Pugacheva) is one of the most beloved singer in Russia. She started her carrier in the 1970s and put an end to it […]

The Language of Flowers in Russia

Offering flowers is the best way to express one’s warm feelings, gratitude or congratulations. However, there are several ethical canons in Russia that we got used […]

Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum (part 2)

Here you can read the first part of our article about Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. Here there was a remarkable fraternity, here Pushkin found his best friends […]

Tsarskoye Selo is Our True Home (part 1)

October 19 is a date that every Russian remembers from his school days. On that day, 200 years ago exactly, the Lyceum opened, an establishment from […]

Az, Buki, Vedi … the Beginning of School in Russia

In Russia, in the 12th century, only few people could read and write. It was taught to children entering to the service of the church, and […]

The First Museums in Russia

The first museums in Russia were opened in 1714, when Tsar Peter the Great displayed his first collection of amazing items, among which were machines, engineering […]

Graffiti on Moscow Streets

Граффити (Graffiti) is a form of expression using lettering and painting on properties, usually without the owner’s consent. It has existed since ancient time and is […]

Our Students visited The Tretyakov Gallery

Третьяковская галерея – это место, которое должен посетить каждый неравнодушный к русской культуре и живописи. The Tretyakov Gallery is the place that should be visited by […]

Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery is one of the greatest art museum in the world, в котором собраны лучшие произведения русской живописи, скульптуры и графики с XI века до […]

Elista, the Capital of Kalmykia (part 1)

Many foreigners, even those who have already visited Russia, often believe that all the most interesting things that can be seen in our country are concentrated […]