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Idiom: To Get Out of The Wrong Side of the Bed

You might have heard how Russians ask a person who is in a bad mood the following sentence: What is with you? Did you get out […]

Russian Idioms and the Memory

Today, we will discover three expressions related to the memory: Mark my words, Ivan not remembering his kin, Talk of the devil.

“Прикольно!” – How to Say “It’s Fun!” in Russian

This expression Прикольно! can be translated in English by It is fun!. It is one of the most used slang words in modern Russian language.

Нечего – Ничего

Если тебе нечего сказать, ничего не говори! (If you have nothing to say, don’t say anything!) You can see in this sentence that we are using […]

Russian Toponyms

В перестроечные годы в один день слово “Таллин” стало на одну букву длиннее – “Таллинн”. (During the years of the Perestroika, the word “Tallin” gained one […]

Animate/Inanimate Nouns and Accusative

Following our last article about animate/inanimate nouns in Russian, I wanted to add few things on this subject. Accusative form can have two endings, depending if […]

Animate/Inanimate Nouns with the Accusative Case

The accusative case is particular in the sense that masculine nouns have two possible endings depending if they are одушевлённые (animate) or неодушевлённые (inanimate). If they […]

Language Changes and Norms

Facts appearing in the living speech to acquire the status of norms, should necessarily answer to intra-linguistic laws, not in contradiction with the basic tendencies of […]

Declension of the Numerals

A. V. Ivanov, historian of Russian language wrote: “Особенностью древнерусского языка по сравнению с современным было отсутствие числительных как особой части речи, которая есть в современном […]

The short i, vowel or consonant (part 1)

Every Russian has studied Russian alphabet at school (in its national version) and wonders: what is complicated and incomprehensible in it? Alphabet, the visit card of […]