Russian language Academic Year Program

The Academic Year program of the Russian language for foreigners aims at taking students up to an advanced level of proficiency in Russian and is designed for students who plan to continue their education in Russian universities and pursue professional and career goals in Russia. This is the best choice for learners willing to spend interesting, enjoyable, and efficient time during their studies of Russian in Moscow.

On this Russian long-term group program you will:

  • Progress to an advanced level of the Russian language and get profound theoretical and practical knowledge in all language areas
  • Completely immerse into the Russian social and language environment by learning and practicing the Russian language both inside and outside the classroom
  • Widen your knowledge of the Russian culture
  • Reach fluency in communication within a variety of spheres: everyday, study, business, etc.
  • Get prepared for taking Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) of a high level (B1-C1) in Moscow

Students of the Academic Year long-term program in Moscow have opportunity for further study course extension.

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