Instrumental Case
Declension of Personal Pronouns

Personal Pronouns in Russian must be declined the same way adjectives and nouns do. Look at the table below to see how they are declined in the instrumental:

EnglishNominative Кто? (who?)Instrumental С кем? (with whom?)
IЯсо мной
YouТыс тобой
He, itОн, онос ним
SheОнас ней
WeМыс нами
YouВыс вамм
TheyОнис ними


  • Я хочу говорить с тобой. (I want to talk to you.)
  • Ты хочешь пойти со мной в цирк? (Do you want to come with me at the circus?)
  • Родители были с нами в кино. (Our parents were with us at the cinema.)