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Opera Sadko

Садко – это имя одного из героев русских легенд и древних былин (Sadko is the name of a hero from Russian legends and ancient heroic epic). […]

The Blue Wagon

Cheburashka and crocodile Gena are two heroes from one of the most famous and cutest Russian animations. On their way back from one of their adventures, […]

Andrei Tarkovsky

Childhood Андрей Тарковский (Andrei Tarkovsky) was born on April 4th, 1932. His father, Arsenal Tarkovsky was a famous Russian poet, and his mother an actress. He […]

Army Training under Peter the Great

Russians soon understood что с необученным войском против шведа не повоюешь (that with an untrained army against the Swedes, they would had no chances to win). […]

Porridge from an axe and Russian Mentality

Before you start reading this article, we recommend you to read the fairy tale “Porridge from an Axe” in English or in Russian. After telling them […]

The Borrowing of Foreign Words

Russian language has been influenced by different foreign languages over the centuries. Greek, Dutch, French, German words were introduced to our language and leaving little to […]

A Russian Birthday

In Russia the traditional and widely spread “Happy birthday to you” is not so common. We have our own song which every children learn at an […]

Portraits of Russian writers in the Tretyakov Gallery

В Третьяковской галерее хранится портрет гения русской мысли и мировой литературы Льва Николаевича Толстого работы художника Крамского (the Tretyakov Gallery is home to the portrait of […]

The Reforms Under Peter the Great

Начало существенных перемен в жизни России (the beginning of significant changes in Russian life) that took place in the early 18th century тесно связано с именем […]

Alexandra or Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears

“Александра” (Alexandra) is the theme song from 1980 Soviet film “Москва слезам не верит” (Moscow doesn’t believe in tears). It was written by Serguey Nikitin, Russian […]