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Learning Russian Online

Online learning or distance learning emerged at the end of the 20th century. In 1993 with the release of the first Internet browser, distance learning began […]

Russian Jokes (part 2)

Learning proverbs, idioms and jokes is a good way to study Russian and remember grammatical cases. Russians have a great sense of humor. I hope you’ll […]

Idiomatic Use of Russian Verbs of Motion

The idiomatic use of the verbs of motion in the Russian language can sometimes be close to their English equivalent: время летит (time is flying), носить […]

Russian Language and Mentality (part 2)

Our first part of Russian Language and Mentatily was about the Russian speech rules. The Russian etiquette For Russians, words (and smile) достаточно серьёзные вещи (are […]

Russian Language and Mentality

Define a person with his system of language Russians look at the world through the prism of their native language – the Russian language. A person’s […]

The Day of the Slavonic literature and Slavonic culture

Одна из особенностей русского языка (one of the particularities of the Russian language) that can be noticed at once by any foreigner is the use of […]

The First Building of the Moscow State Lomonosov University

Это здание – символ эпохи Просвещения в самом центре Москвы (this building is the symbol of the Age of the Enlightenment in the heart of Moscow). […]