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How to Express Prohibition in Russian

There are several ways to express запрещение (the prohibition) of doing things. The easiest way is to use the verb запрещать/запретить (to forbid): въезд запрещён (no […]

How to Tell the Time in Russian

We’ll try to explain to you how to answer the question “Который час?” (What time is it?) in the Russian language. Phrases for telling the time […]

Yuri Gagarin

On April 12, 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to leave the Earth atmosphere and to orbit around our planet aboard his spacecraft “Восток-1” […]

Russian Banya

It’s hard to imagine life in Russia without the wonderful benefit of a true banya or steam bath! This is not only the place you to […]


Валенки (valenki) are very warm and comfortable traditional Russian high boots made from wool felt. Those boots appeared in the early 18th and largely spread during […]