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Time Expression in Russian

Advertising and Grammar


Advertising might help you remembering some grammar points. For example as a part of the Программа развития фермерства (Farming Development Program), this add invites you “Стань фермером” (to become a farmer).


Note here that the verb “становиться (нсв)/ стать (св)” (to become) is always followed with the instrumental case:

  • Стать инженером. (To become an engineer.)
  • После войны мой дедушка стал переводчиком. (After the war, my grandfather became a translator.)

This company has “Квартиры с отделкой от 3 млн рублей” (Apartments for sale of 3 million rubles) and then “Ремонт не нужен” (Renovation won't be necessary).



Нужен is the short form of the adjective нужный (necessary). Нужен (нужна, нужно and нужн) agrees with the subject that follows, while the dative is used with the noun and pronoun:

  • Ему нужна книга. (He needs a book.)
  • Мне нужны туфли. (I need a pair of shoes.)
  • Брату нужен велосипед. (My brother needs a bike.)
  • Бабушке нужно лекарство. (My grandmother needs medication.)
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Note that if you want to use these forms in the past or the future, they will be followed by the verb быть:

  • Ему нужна была машина. (He needed a car.)
  • Вам нужны были новые очки. (You needed new glasses.)
  • Антону нужен будет большой дом. (Anton will need a big house.)
  • Тебе нужно будет пальто. (You will need a coat.)
Advertising might help you remembering some grammar points…