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Garri Bardin, Grey Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

Its author, Garri Bardin was born in 1941 in Orenbourg. He studied acting at the School-Studio of Mkhat before joining the cast of the Drama Theatre in Moscow. Later he became director at the National Theatre of Puppets.

He started to work at the Soyuzmosfilm studios in 1975. Though he first directed cartoons, he soon began to use other animation techniques: clay, wire, paper, matches, strings.

Серый Волк энд Красная Шапочка” (Grey Wolf and the Little Red Riding Hood) is a 26 minutes Russian clay animation film directed by Garri Bardin in 1990. In 1991, it received the Grand Prize at the Annecy Animation Film Festival (France) and the Nika Award for the best animated film.

If the story of the Little Red Riding Hood is famous all over the world, Garri Bardin brought his own sense of humour in his version.