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The House Under Glass of Merchant Filatov

There are many unusual looking buildings in Moscow. One of these houses is Дом Купца Филатова (the house of the merchant Filatov), on Ostozhenka street, not far from the metro station Kropotkinskaya.



According to the legend, in the beginning of the 20th century, there lived in Moscow a rich merchant who was drinking considerably. There was not a moment when he was sober. And of course, he nearly lost his fortune for his passion.


But one day, he realised that he would go nowhere with the bottle and он дал зарок (he swore) and бросил (quit) or rather навсегда избавился от вредной привычки (got rid of that pernicious habit for ever). His business soon began to get better.



He then decided to build an apartment building as a result to this crucial decision and as a reminder of his word not to drink a drop of alcohol again, he decorated the roof with a huge wine-glass turned upside down. The construction took place in 1907-1909.



Здание представляет собой сложный конгломерат объёмов (the building is a complex mixture of volumes) that varies in shape and form. According to specialists, the stucco decoration of the building is unique and is not to be found anywhere else in Moscow. The glass that can be seen nowadays has been replaced when the building underwent renovations.


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Not all Muscovites were pleased with the new building and the “Московский еженедельник” (Moscow weekly) wrote:

Каждый новый год приносит Москве несколько десятков новых, чудовищно нелепых зданий, которые врезаются в городские улицы с какой-то особенной, только одной Москве свойственной, удалью. Ну где ещё встретишь что-нибудь подобное новому дому в начале Остоженки...”



(Every new year brings to Moscow some dozens of new, monstrously absurd buildings, which fit into the streets of the city with some special boldness only typical of Moscow. Well, where else would you find something similar to the new house that stands at the beginning of Ostozhenka street ...)


There are many unusual looking buildings in Moscow…