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The Sorcerer of Kolomenskoe

Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve

Kolomenskoe Park is a short metro ride from the centre of Moscow. It is situated high over the bank of the Moskva river, in a beautiful natural surroundings.

Музей-заповедник «Коломенское» был основан в 1924 году на месте старинной загородной усадьбы русских царей. (The Museum-reserve of Kolomenskoe was founded in 1924 on the site of the ancient country manor of the Russian Tsars).

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The village of Kolomenskoe was first mentioned in the annals in 1336. Since that time, с Коломенским связаны многие страницы русской истории. (the name of Kolomenskoe is linked to many pages of the Russian history). In 1380, after the victory over the Tatars at the battle of Kulikov, the troops of Prince Dmitry Donskoy stayed at Kolomenskoe. There, they celebrated the victory over the enemy. Only huge oak trees remind the visitor of that time, nearly 700 years ago.

At the end of the 15th – beginning of the 16th century, a new architectural type of stone steeple church appeared. Один из первых шатровых храмов на Руси – церковь Вознесения, построенная в 1532 году по приказу царя Василия III в честь рождения сына – будущего царя Ивана Грозного (the church of the Ascension, one of the first steepled church in Russia, was built in 1532 by the order of Tsar Vassilia III, to commemorate the birth of his son, the future Tsar Ivan the Terrible). The 62 meters high church has no pillar inside to support its structure.

On the site of the park of Kolomenskoe stands an open air museum of wooden architecture. Сюда перевезены интересные деревянные строения (Interesting wooden buildings have been moved there): a watchtower and the fortress walls are from various Siberian cities, the entrance gate of the monastery from the Shore of the White sea, the hives from the Moscow region.

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Наиболее интересен домик Петра I, перевезённый сюда из Архангельска в 1934 году (the most interesting building is the house of Peter the Great, brought here from Arkhangelsk in 1934). The house was built in 1702. In the restored rooms of the house, you can see original items from the 17th – 18th centuries of residential premises from Peter’s time.

In 1712, the state capital was moved from Moscow to St Petersburg, weakening the importance of Kolomenskoe as a royal residence. After the creation of the museum on Kolomenskoe estate (1924), archeological excavations began on the site.

The Museum-reserve has become one of the most interesting cultural centers of Moscow. The display around the park tells the history of the estate buildings, the construction equipment during the 15th – 17th centuries, and the lifestyle during this period.

Сегодня в Коломенском регулярно проходят разнообразные выставки, ярмарки и даже музыкальные фестивали под открытым небом (Nowadays a variety of exhibitions, fairs, music festivals and outdoor evens regularly take place at Kolomenskoe). Every year you can visit the honey fair market, enjoy sand sculptures, and recently the popular music festival “Picnic Afficha” (named in honour the the magazine) attracted more than 100 thousand people.

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