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Okroshka recipe. Russian cold soup

In summer, when the sun of July burns the land, when temperatures leave us exhausted at the slightest effort and when it even becomes difficult to eat a proper meal, we need to get something light and fresh, some salads, fruits, and cold soups (the full okroshka recipe you can find below). Then, it’s time to prepare “окрошка(okroshka), a cold soup made from kvass with various herbs, chopped meat, and vegetables.

Okroshka recipe

The word “окрошка(okroshka) comes from the verb “крошить” (to chop, to cut finely).

A proverb goes: “кладите картошку в окрошку, а любовь в дело” (add potato in your okroshka, and love in your work.)

So, the okroshka recipe:

1. Boil a potato, 2 eggs, 200 g. of meat or fish or ham.

2. Take 2 fresh cucumbers, a radish, dill, and parsley.

3. Finely chop all the ingredients, put everything in a large pot, pour some kvass on it, add salt and pepper. You have your okroshka ready!

And if you don’t have kvass, it is possible to use tomato juice, kefir, or sour clotted milk in your preparation. It is also very tasty though more unusual okroshka recipe. In Russia, we use kvass or kefir. Some people even pour homemade kvass, which makes okroshka even tastier!

Простокваша (sour clotted milk) is an interesting drink. It’s very easy to prepare. Take some milk, slightly warm, add inside a small piece of black bread or cheese, and leave it to rest for the night in a warm place. And in the morning, you get a kind of yogurt, which is simply sour milk.

Enjoy your okroshka and share the Russian okroshka recipe with your relatives and friends!

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