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The Pokrovsky Gate

Покровские ворота (The Pokrovsky Gate) is a romantic comedy produced by Mosfilm and shot in 1982 by Леонид Зорин (Leonid Zorin). The action takes place mainly […]

Moscow Legends: The Menshikov Tower

Церковь Архангела Гавриила (the church of the Archangel Gabriel), better know as Меньшикова Башня (the Menshikov Tower), stands not far from the metro station Чистые Пруды […]

Moscow Legends: The House of Beria

По адресу Малая Никитская, дом 28/1 находится один из самых известных домов в Москве (on Malaya Nikitskaya, 28/1 is one of the most famous buildings in […]

The Sorcerer of Kolomenskoe

Park Kolomenskoe is one of the most fascinating place in Moscow. And at the same time one of the most mysterious. Back in the 17th century, […]

Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve

Kolomenskoe Park is a short metro ride from the centre of Moscow. It is situated high over the bank of the Moskva river, in a beautiful […]

Moscow Legends: The French Embassy

In 1883, Nikolai Igumnov, a famous industrialist decided to build his mansion on the Bolshaya Yakimanka. This choice surprised everyone as it was not among the […]

Moscow Legends: Pashkov House

“На закате солнца высоко над городом на каменной террасе одного из самых красивых зданий Москвы находились двое: Воланд и Азазелло. Снизу их никто не мог видеть, […]

The Kremlin of Moscow (part 2)

Here you can read the first part of our article about the Kremlin. Tsar Cannon – Царь-пушка Next to Ivan the Great Bell tower you can […]

The Kremlin of Moscow (part 1)

Moscow Kremlin is one of the most beautiful architectural ensemble in the world. Its white stone cathedrals and palaces front doors of different eras represent a […]

A Christmas Song: “Расскажи, Снегурочка, Где Была?”

  “Ну Погоди!” (You Just wait!) is the most popular Soviet-Russian animated series. From the 20 episodes, 16 were released between 1969 and 1986. The four […]