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Portraits of Russian writers in the Tretyakov Gallery

В Третьяковской галерее хранится портрет гения русской мысли и мировой литературы Льва Николаевича Толстого работы художника Крамского (the Tretyakov Gallery is home to the portrait of […]

The Reforms Under Peter the Great

Начало существенных перемен в жизни России (the beginning of significant changes in Russian life) that took place in the early 18th century тесно связано с именем […]

Alexandra or Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears

“Александра” (Alexandra) is the theme song from 1980 Soviet film “Москва слезам не верит” (Moscow doesn’t believe in tears). It was written by Serguey Nikitin, Russian […]

Victory Day – The Song

Девятое мая – День Победы! А для всех русских людей это особый день. Это день, когда закончилась Великая Отечественная война (May, 9 is Victory Day! And […]

Learn Russian with Songs: Это Всё – ДДТ

ДДТ (DDT) is one of the most famous and successful rock band in Russia founded by Юрий Шевчук (Yuri Shevchuk) in 1980. The song “Это всё” […]

Krylov’s Idioms (part 2)

Today, I have chosen to explain you idioms that comes from two famous fables of Krylov. Лебедь, Рак и Щука Лебедь, Рак и Щука (The swan, […]

How to Translate For in Russian

“For” can be expressed in different ways in Russian according to the meaning of sentence. And of course, it means the need to use different cases […]

Russian Idioms: Дело в Шляпе

Дело в шляпе (concern is in the hat or has we say in English the trick is done). This is what you can say or hear […]

Uncountable Concrete Nouns

Some nouns in Russian can only be used with the singular form. Among them can be found nouns that define Полезные ископаемые (minerals): золото (gold), нефть […]

Tusovka the Art of Getting Together in Russia

Curiously, there is no word in other languages that could be considered the equivalent of what new Russians call “тусовка” (to get together). The etymology of […]