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The Russian Soul and Idioms

You probably heard about “Русская душа” (the Russian soul), about that меланхолия (melancholy) that can be guessed deep into Russians’ souls, the mingling of their laughter […]

How to Say “It’s Cool!” in Russian

If you’ve been in Russia, you probably heard young people using the word “круто!”. Let’s see how we use this expression: Если встретишь Ивана, не узнаешь: […]

When Words Take a Different Meaning in Slang

Today, I would like to show you some verbs whose direct meaning and value have been changed to a completely different meaning concerning dishonest actions related […]

When Written and Oral Speech Meet

Nowadays people spend a long time on internet, searching for information, reading articles and books, watching various programmes… And of course, exchanging ideas. And communicating in […]

Russian Idioms and Money

Гоняться за длинным рублём “Гоняться за длинным рублём” (Chasing the big money). Tак мы говорят о людях, которые хотят получить много денег, но без особого труда […]

Мне нравится, что вы больны не мной

This song “Мне нравится, что вы больны не мной” (I like it that you’re not obsessed with me) in the theme song of Soviet comedy “Ирония […]

Dersu Uzala, a Russian-Japanease Film

The film we invite to see today has the particularity to be based on a Russian novel by Vladimir Arsenyev, but was directed by Japanese director […]

The Last One for the Road: Cтременная

On a precedent post, I told you that when invited by Russian, you might be offered a last drink for the road. Nowadays, we usually have […]

The Last One for the Road: На Посошок!

When invited by Russians, you might hear your host offering you a drink “На посошок!” (the last one for the road!). You will more rarely hear […]

Russian Film: Prisoner of the Mountains

I’m always a bit nervous when it comes to watch a film based on a book. And so was I when I heard that Lev Tolstoi’s […]