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Puss in Boots – Кот в Сапогах

Have you ever wondered how great writers from the past centuries would feel, if they knew how famous their literary work became. What would they think about the different adaptations that were made out of them to stick to their time?

Кот в сапогах” (Puss in boots) is one of them. Originally written by Charles Perrault in the end of the 17th century, the fairy tale has been adapted to media over the centuries. Puss is the hero of songs, theatre plays and even makes an appearance in Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The Sleeping Beauty”. And Puss was not forgotten by the cinema since its cinematographic debut in 1903.

In 1995, famous Russian animator Гарри Бардин (Garri Bardin) revisited the tale, in a very personal way, giving an international dimension to the story, with characters from different nationalities. Caricatures of each character according to universal clich?s are just great.

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This is a wonderful animation, very poetic and definitely hilarious. We hope you’ll enjoy these 30 minutes of clay animation.