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Russian Film: “Край” – The Edge

Край” (The Edge) is a 2010 Russian drama directed by Алексей Учитель (Alexei Uchitel). According to the director himself, this is the most commercial film he has done, and those who know his work might be agree, as all elements are here to make and entertaining film, with beautiful images of the taiga, bears, and trains as main heroes.

The plot

Shortly after the end of WWII, Ignat arrives in one of the GULAG labor outposts in the Siberian wilderness, and disrupts the quiet life of the settlement with his behaving and his way to drive a locomotive. On a solitary trip to a small island, he discovers an old locomotive and a young german girl, whose been living here alone for four years. Ignat brings her and the locomotive to the camp. But the war is not far behind, and the all population is still sick and broken, and soon conflicts take place because of her.

The Edge is a 2010 Russian drama directed by Alexei Uchitel