Guess the End of Those Russian Proverbs
Puss in Boots – Кот в Сапогах

Russian Proverbs, Solution of our Game

As promised, it is time to give you the answers of our game from Friday.

1-Ё: Повторение – мать ученья: (Repetition is the mother of learning). I guess you heard that from your teachers more than once!

2-З: Поспешишь – людей насмешишь: (If you rush, you’ll make other people laught). Hasty climbers have sudden falls.

3-Д: Обещанного три года ждут: (They wait three years for a promise to be kept). With this proverb, it is easy to understand that promises made are usually not carried out immediately.

4- Б: С глаз долой – из сердца вон: (Out of sight, out of heart).

5-А: За двумя зайцами погонишься – ни одного не поймаешь: (Trying to chase two rabbits at the time, and you won’t catch any). Meaning: Grasp all, loose all.

6-Й: Утро вечера мудренее: (Morning is wiser than evening). Утро мудренее чем вечером. It could be translated like this: “the morning of the (preceding) evening is wiser”. It is better to take decisions in the morning. The similar english expression is «sleep on it».

7-И: Дарёному коню в зубы не смотрят: (Don’t look at the teeth of a horse that was given to you). This expression comes from long ago. Before buying it, people would look at the teeth of the horse to know its age, thus its value. This proverbs means that you should be thankful for a gift and don’t judge it’s value.

8-Е: Тише едешь – дальше будешь: (Ride slower, you’ll go further). You will do more, if you keep your pace in doing things. The English equivalent is: «Slow and steady wins the race»

9-Ж: Любишь кататься – люби и саночки возить: (If you like riding, you better like pulling the sleigh too). If you want to eat the fruit, you must climb the tree.

10-В: После нас – хоть потоп: (After us the deluge). It doesn’t matter for us what will happened after our death.

11-Г: Дорога ложка к обеду: (The spoon is valuable for dinner). Things are best when used in the proper time.

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We hope you had fun with this game. And remember, there is always a good occasion to use them in Russia!

Наталья Лариохина