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Are the words “победа” (victory) and “убедить” (convince) are related in Russian?

Russian language is very rich. Knowing the origin and the meaning of the stem of a word, and the associated words that have been created from one stem, with the addition of a prefix or a suffix, will give you a better chance to remember those words.

The words “победа” (victory) and “убедить” (convince) are related. In the two words, the root is the same -бед-, as well as in the word “беда” (poverty), which in ancient Russian language had the same value than nowadays, but also the value of “coercion”.

The noun “победа” (victory) comes from an Old Slavonic word derived from the verb “поб?дити” (to overcome, to destroy, to summons) formed with the prefixes “по” followed with the verb “б?дити” or in modern Russian language “убеждать” (to convince) which in turn derives from the noun “b?da” which means “принуждение” (coercion).

The verb “убедить” (convince) is formed with the prefix “у” and the above verb “б?дити”, which also derives from the same noun “b?da” (coercion).

Thus, the real “победа” (victory) is always associated with the use of force or intimidation to obtain compliance.

Are the words “победа” (victory)…