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White Sun of the Desert

“Белое солнце пустыни” (White sun of the desert) is a cult film in Russia. It’s a mixed film between action, comedy and drama. It was produced […]

Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession

Иван Васильевич меняет профессию (Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession) is the last film of приключения Шурика (the adventures of Shurik). It was directed by Леонид Гайдай (Leonid […]

The Diamond Arm

Бриллиантовая рука (The Diamond Arm) is one of the most popular comedy film from the Soviet era. Produced by Mosfilm studios and directed by Леонид Гайдай […]

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

“Москва слезам не верит” (Moscow does not believe in tears) won an Academy award for the Best Foreign Language Film in 1980. It was directed by […]

The Pokrovsky Gate

Покровские ворота (The Pokrovsky Gate) is a romantic comedy produced by Mosfilm and shot in 1982 by Леонид Зорин (Leonid Zorin). The action takes place mainly […]

I step through Moscow

“Я шагаю по Москве” (“I step through Moscow”, also translated as “I walk around Moscow”) is a Soviet film directed by Георгий Данелия (Georgi Daneliya) in […]

The Barber of Siberia

Никита Михалков (Nikita Mikhalkov) is a famous Russian film director, probably one of the best known one outside our country. His prestige allowed him to shoot […]

“Generation P”, the Post-Soviet Russia Generation

Виктор Пелевин (Victor Pelevin) was born in 1962. He is a fiction writer, leading figure of the current Russian literature, whose works, often characterised as post-modern, […]

The Equivalent of Dude in Russian

What is a dude? It’s not quite clear how a ленивый (lazy) but весёлый (cheerful) character performed by Jeff Bridges in the film “Большой Лебовски” (The […]