The Day of the Slavonic literature and Slavonic culture

Одна из особенностей русского языка (one of the particularities of the Russian language) that can be noticed at once by any foreigner is the use of […]

Russian Flag Day

August 22, Russia celebrates one…

Russia’s Day of Knowledge

“Ученье свет – неученье тьма” (Learning is the light, ignorance the darkness)…

Defender of the Motherland Day

There are few interesting facts about that special holiday…

Maslenitsa, the week of Festivities

Maslenitsa has always been celebrated, even during the Soviet times when all religious holidays were banned. People would then observe the festive side of the holiday, […]

Maslenitsa, or the Pancakes Festival

One of the merriest holiday in Russia is certainly Масленица (Maslenitsa) also called сырная неделя (the cheese week). This ancient Slavic festival has its origins in […]

Defender of Fatherland Day in Ruslanguage

Defender of Fatherland day is a very important holiday in Russia, celebrated on February 23. This day Russian women congratulate men: fathers, brothers, teachers and even […]

Students Day in Russia

Despise the frost and the snow, January is a month full of joyful evens in Russia. After New Year, Christmas and the Orthodox New Year (according […]

The Russian Santa Claus – Дед Мороз и Снегурочка

Дед Мороз (Ded Moroz) is the Russian Santa Claus. Its name means “Grandpa Frost” but is commonly translated by “Father Frost”. As his western colleague, he […]

Traditional Christmas Holidays in Russia

The time between Christmas and Epiphany, from January 8th to 19th, is called святками (Yuletide). Traditionally in ancient Russia, it was the most diverting time of […]