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Krylov’s Idioms (part 2)

Today, I have chosen to explain you idioms that comes from two famous fables of Krylov. Лебедь, Рак и Щука Лебедь, Рак и Щука (The swan, […]

The Russian Soul and Idioms

You probably heard about “Русская душа” (the Russian soul), about that меланхолия (melancholy) that can be guessed deep into Russians’ souls, the mingling of their laughter […]

Russian Idioms and Lime Tree

This is a well known fact that birch tree is considered as a symbol in Russia but, oddly enough, it is not the one that is […]

Russian Idioms: Где Раки Зимуют

Have you ever tried crayfish? Connoisseurs say that they are especially tasty during the months in which a R is used, which means from September to […]

Idioms Linked with Religious Traditions

Одним миром мазаны (Tarred with the same brush) is used to compare two persons who have the same bad qualities.