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Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve

Kolomenskoe Park is a short metro ride from the centre of Moscow. It is situated high over the bank of the Moskva river, in a beautiful […]

Alexandra or Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears

“Александра” (Alexandra) is the theme song from 1980 Soviet film “Москва слезам не верит” (Moscow doesn’t believe in tears). It was written by Serguey Nikitin, Russian […]

Renaming the Streets of Moscow

Names of people and places have always been perceived in the conscience of Russians as something necessary, permanent.

The Mayakovsky Museum

These words are from Stalin himself…

The Boundaries of Moscow

here were times когда каждый москвич мог быть уверен (when every Muscovite could be sure)…

Eleevsky Shop in Moscow

I read that the building on Tverskaya street, 14 can be considered the architectural expression of the description of Chekhov’s playwright “Вишнёвый сад”…

Parks in Moscow

Moscow has wonderful parks where you can relax, do sports and have fun…

Metro Station “Park Pobedy”, Moscow

The 165th metro station in Moscow…

Reserve-Museum Abramtsevo (part 1)

The first mention of усадьба Абрамцево (Abramtsevo Estate) dates back from the late 16th century…

Cafe Pushkin in Moscow

Any visitor to our capital should make a stop to “Кафе Пушкинъ” (Cafe Pushkin). It’s a wonderful place, in the heart of Moscow. It is one […]