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Мне нравится, что вы больны не мной

This song “Мне нравится, что вы больны не мной” (I like it that you’re not obsessed with me) in the theme song of Soviet comedy “Ирония […]

Russian Poem: “On the Railroad” A. Blok

This poem «На железной дороге» (On the railroad) was written in 1910 by A. Blok (1880-1921), a Russian lyrical poet. It tells the sad story of […]

Russian Chanson

Today, I would like to introduce you to a musical genre, typically Russian, which is called criminal songs. It is a musical genre that celebrates the […]

April, April! Poem about Spring

The following poem is a poem for children written by Samuil Marshak to celebrate the arrival of April and the end of winter

Poem Cheerful tourist was written by Sergey Mikhalkov

Travel has a long tradition in Russia. During the Soviet times, excursions were a way to educate Soviet citizens.

Uncle Styopa the Policeman

Uncle Styopa has been created by poet Sergei Mikhalkov in the 1930s. S. Mikhalkov wrote a funny and kind book of children poetry about a funny […]

Vysotsky’s “Song About a Friend”

Vladimir Vysotsky, 1938-1980…

Okydzhava: Song of the Arbat

Песенка об Арбате (Song about the Arbat) was written in 1959…

DDT: “Осень, Мёpтвые Дожди”

DDT is one of the most popular rock band in Russia…

A Christmas Song: “Расскажи, Снегурочка, Где Была?”

“Ну Погоди!” (You Just wait!)…