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Maslenitsa, the week of Festivities

Maslenitsa has always been celebrated, even during the Soviet times when all religious holidays were banned. People would then observe the festive side of the holiday, […]

Education and Culture under Peter the Great

Education under Peter the Great Peter the Great основал Высшую морскую школу (founded the Naval Cadet Corps.), which later стала Морской академией (became the Naval Academy) […]

The Language of Flowers in Russia

Offering flowers is the best way to express one’s warm feelings, gratitude or congratulations. However, there are several ethical canons in Russia that we got used […]

Warm Russian Hospitality

“Кто ходит в гости по утрам, тот поступает мудро…” (He who goes on a visit in the morning, act wisely…) sings the silly little bear in […]

The Secret of Vyazma-Cake

Чтобы почувствовать сладость русской жизни не нужно отправляться в долгое путешествие по городам и деревням необъятной страны (it is not necessary to set off for a […]

The Red October Factory

The history of Красный Октябрь (the Red October factory) is the story of a great commercial success. The story begins in 1851, when Teodore Ferdinand von […]

Russian Gingerbread

“Пряники русские, сладкие, мятные. К чаю ароматному угощенье знатное…” (Russian gingerbread, sweet gingerbread, peppermint gingerbread. With an aromatic tea, what a noble feast…) So goes a […]

Tea Time in Moscow

Drinking tea in Moscow is a real phenomenon! And it’s not just a phenomenon, but an originally, truly and exclusively Muscovite one. In older times, people […]

Samovar or How to Drink Tea in Russia

“У самовара я и моя Маша. Чай будем пить вприкуску до утра…” (The samovar, me and my Masha. Bitter tea we will drink with a piece […]

Russian Kvass Saved Many People

“Русский квас много народу спас” (Russian kvass saved many people) is one of the many expressions to express the feelings Russians have about their national drink. […]