Articles with photos and videos about Russian travel


Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve

Kolomenskoe Park is a short metro ride from the centre of Moscow. It is situated high over the bank of the Moskva river, in a beautiful […]

Ryazan is a typical Orthodox city

Ryazan the name slightly echoes with the name of another Russian city, Kazan. But despite the similarity of the pronunciation the two names are in no […]

Mount Elbrus, Europe’s Major Mountain Peak

Among Russia is most beautiful and amazing natural sites. Mount Elbrus is worth a visit. This is the highest mountain peak in Europe.

Melnikov House

This strange, avant-garde house is not that easy to find…

Eleevsky Shop in Moscow

I read that the building on Tverskaya street, 14 can be considered the architectural expression of the description of Chekhov’s playwright “Вишнёвый сад”…

Parks in Moscow

Moscow has wonderful parks where you can relax, do sports and have fun…

The Old Arbat Street (Part 2)

Today we continue our journey through the magnificent sights of the Old Arbat street.

The Old Arbat Street (Part 1)

We would like to share with you a guide to the most famous Moscow street the Old Arbat street.

The Red Square

The history of Красная площадь (the Red Square) is irremediably linked with the history of Кремль (the Kremlin) as it has witnessed so much of Russian […]

The Pushkin Fine Arts Museum of Moscow

Art lovers visiting Moscow, should spend at least few hours in the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum. Indeed the museum displays the largest collection of foreign arts […]