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The Dressed Herring Recipe

Селёдка под шубой” (Dressed herring or literaly Herring under the fur coat) is a very popular salad in Russia and the countries of the former USSR. It received this name because of the preparation which consists of superimposing layers of vegetables, eggs, mayonnaise ... over a layer of small pieces of herring.

You can buy this salad in almost any food store, but it is easy to prepare it yourself and в сто раз вкуснее (a hundred times better!)

Here are the instructions to prepare this delicious salad:

Boil пара картофелин (2 potatoes), две морковки (2 carrots), две свёклы (2 beetroots). Peel them when they have cool down. Grate all the vegetables on different plates. Boil два яйца (2 eggs) hard, peel them and grate them. Chop луковка (1 onion) into small cubes. Cut две сельди средних размеров (2 thick herring fillets) in small cubes and make sure there are no bones left. Take a flat and tall dish and lay the salad out in layers, starting with the potatoes, then onions, then herring. Top the herring with carrot and finaly beetroot. Don't forget to spray майонез (mayonnaise) between each layer. Sprinkle with grated egg and decorate according to your taste. Put in the fridge for at least three hours before you can serve it.
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The more finely grated the ingredients are, the better will the mayonnaise will penetrate each layer, making a juicier salad. If the herring is too salty, you can soak the fillets in milk or water for 2 hours, then rinse, pat dry, and dice.

Приятного аппетита!!

Dressed herring or literaly Herring under the fur coat is a very popular salad in Russia and the countries of the former USSR