Solovki:… to the Gulag and Back (part 2)
Alexander Petrov – the master of reviving painting

What Soviet Newspapers Do You Have?

During the mid-70s, when Советская Россия (Soviet Russia) was still достаточно стабильна (fairly stable) and the people единодушно голосовали за (unanimously voted for) the party, funny stories began to appear on topics that were not at all as good as they looked at first glance. Prices were fairly low, but at the same time wages were not high.

Around that time, the first persons full with resentment, timidly started to make their apparition, as you can see, for example in the following joke:

В газетном киоске. – Дайте, пожалуйста, «Правду» – «Правды» нет. – Дайте тогда «Советскую культуру». – «Советскую культуру» продали. – А что осталось? – Остался «Труд» за 3 копейки.

And the English Translation:

At the newspapers stand: – Please give me the “Truth”. – We don’t have the “Truth”. – Then, give me the “Soviet Culture”. – The “Soviet Culture” has been sold out. – So what’s left? – Only “Labour” is left for 3 kopeks.

Правда” (Truth), “Советская Культура” (Soviet Culture) and “Труд” (Labour) were the main newspapers during the Soviet times.

Правда” was one of the leading newspapers, founded in 1912 in Saint Petersburg, and well know in the world for its announcements as the official voice of the Communist party. “Советская Культура” was founded in 1929, and covered cultural events. And “Труд”, established in 1921 for the Soviet Labour Unions focused on labour and economic analyses.

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During the mid 70s, the “Правда” cost 3-5 kopeks, the “Советская Культура” was a little bit more expensive, as it contained 12-16 pages and the “Труд” cost 3 kopeks.