Programas en grupo no intensivos

The Russian language Evening and Weekend programs are designed for diplomats, professors, businessmen and anyone who cannot participate in a regular program due to their daytime work. These study programs focus on enhancing communication proficiency, which is essential for business people living in Moscow. Evening/Weekend Russian courses are a great way for busy people to pursue educational goals in Moscow.

Each student's program starts with a written and oral test to determine their exact level of the Russian language for placement in groups at 5 levels available, from Beginner to Advanced.

Flexibility of the Evening and Weekend Russian classes allows students to start their course any time after the placement test. Beginners' courses have set start dates and open once in a month. Every Russian language program is available for extension.

Taking into account the possible business trips and days of absence for business reasons our students have a possibility to postpone Russian lessons they are going to miss and attend them at a later date in the same group as before. Our teachers of the Russian language will help the students to catch up with the group when they are back after the period of absence.

Russian language Evening and Weekend programs have the same academic standards as day-time intensive programs programs and give a great opportunity to spend minimum time in the classroom and at the same time stay involved in the study process, step by step raising the level of Russian.