Russian Alphabet

The Russian Alphabet (A-Z)
А а Ананас Pineapple a As in «father»
Б б Бабушка Grandmother b As in «bird»
В в Великий Great v As in «van»
Г г Город Town g As in «good»
Д д Дом House d As in «dig»
Е е Между Between ye As in «yes» in stressed syllables
Перевод Translation i As in «bin» in unstressed syllables
Ё ё Ёж Hedgehog yo As in «yolk»
Ж ж Жизнь Life zh As in «pleasure»
З з Золото Gold z As in «zebra»
И и Икра Caviar i As in «ea
Й й Герой Hero y As in «boy» after a o
Алтай Altai As in «bye» after a a, not transliterated after ы or и
К к Кот Cat k As in «cat»
Л л Любовь Love l As in «love»
М м Мир World/ peace m As in «mum»
Н н Новгород Novgorod n As in «night»
О о Школа School о As in «no»
Пока Bye а As in «ma
П п Порт Harbour p As in «pool»
Р р Россия Russia r As in «ri
С с Сад Garden s As in «service»
Т т Тётя Aunt t As in «ten»
У у Урок Lesson u As in «rule»
Ф ф Фабрика Factory f As in «fast»
Х х Хлеб Bread kh
Ц ц Цирк Circus ts As in «fits»
Ч ч Часто Often ch As in «chest»
Ш ш Шутка Joke sh As in «share»
Щ щ Щавель Sorrel shch As in «fresh chips”
Ъ ъ Hard sign, see below.
Ы ы Быть To be ih As in «many»
Ь ь Ночь Night Soft sign, see below.
Э э Эра Era e As in «end»
Ю ю Юбка Skirt yu As in «you»
Я я Яблоко Apple ya As in «yard»

Ъ: твёрдый знак [tvyordih znak], is a hard sign that has no sound of its own and is placed between a consonant and a vowel in some words to show that the preceding consonant should not be palatalised and that the following vowel should be preceded by the ‘y’ sound as in yet.

Ь: мягкий знак [myarkee znak], is a soft sign that has no sound of its own and is used to modify the pronunciation of the preceding consonant by palatalised it (making it soft).