Russian language school in Russia (Moscow)

We provide Russian language courses in Russia (Moscow), for those who wish to study Russian as a foreign language for work and business, for everyday life and communication, for scientific research or just for pleasure.

Established in 1991 with the co-operation of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Russian language school Ruslanguage has 28-year experience in teaching Russian to foreigners from all over the world. We are located on Petrovka street, a picturesque area in Moscow city centre, with plenty of famous landmarks within easy walking distance.

The school offers a variety of group, individual or group + individual Russian lessons of any level, from beginner to advanced. Russian language study programs run all year round.

Our teachers of the Russian language are highly professional specialists from Moscow State University and Pushkin State Russian Language Institute. Their teaching methods and individualized approach create a healthy learning environment for the rapid progress in learning the Russian language and passing TORFL exam in Moscow.

To the students of the Russian Short-term course, Long-term study program, Russian Summer courses and Academic Year the school offers all-round administrative support which includes arrangement of Russian visa, accommodation in Moscow and transfers from/to the airport.

Designed with love to the Russian language and culture

Specialized School of Russian as a Foreign Language

Whether you need to study Russian for work and business, for everyday life and communication or for travelling we have a Russian language course that fits your needs.

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Student Reviews

  • I would like to strongly recommend the Russian Language Program offered by the Ruslanguage school in Moscow directed by Dr. Artur Baishev. As a professor of Foreign Languages at James Madison University in Virginia, I was interested in exploring the possibilities of establishing ties with a Russian school and also in learning Russian myself. I therefore enrolled as a participant in the study program of the Ruslanguage school. It must be said that the Ruslanguage school is very flexible in dealing with American Universities and provides a “hands-on”, individualized approach to each student whether it is a question of the procurement of documents, of level of language instruction, the excursions in and around Moscow or the time spent in St. Petersburg. I was extremely fortunate to have been given two different but friendly, efficient and supportive classroom instructors. Even more importantly, Dr. Baishev and Ms. Zaitseva were quite organized and always readily available for any questions and help. They both breathe a youthful and welcome energy into all aspects of the program. They accompanied the students on outings, participated in picnics, helped prepare food and Dr. Baishev’s guitar was present on more than one occasion. As a faculty member who has guided several study-abroad programs, I recognize and appreciate the work, time and talent behind the creation of this one, which doubtlessly had more obstacles to overcome than creating a program in London, Paris or Rome for example. The other American professors who accompany their students are equally helpful and enjoy an excellent working relationship with Dr. Baishev et al. I am personally most interested in returning for a second year of exposure to the Russian Language and Culture. I will again choose the Ruslanguage school rather than look elsewhere.
    Dr. Donald E. Corbin
    Professor of Foreign Languages James Madison University
  • Mrs. Joan Smith, Mother of Shannon Smith
    I would like to thank your school for the wonderful experience my daughter, Shannon Smith, enjoyed in your language program this summer from July 6 to August 16. She has told me that she has learned so much and that her teachers were excellent. She feels much better prepared for her graduate studies which she will begin this fall. Shannon also met many new friends from all over the world. Thank you, again.
    Mrs. Joan Smith, Mother of Shannon Smith
    University of Texas at Austin USA
  • Roy Marchant
    Thank you very much for organizing the course so effectively and answering all the difficult questions. I much appreciate the lessons given by Dimitry and Victor, they are excellent teachers. All the very best!
    Roy Marchant
  • Eleonora Pasotti
    I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful three weeks. Our teachers, Dimitri, Irina Petrovna and Vladimir were all excellent, and I had an absolutely great combination of work and fun. ‘Till the next time! Best.
    Eleonora Pasotti
    Columbia University USA
  • Patrick Flack
    Even if it’s a little late, I would like to thank all of you (Dmitry, Artur, you of course and all the others)in Moskva for the fantastic stay I had there. I will probably come back next October for a short month, because I’ll have to do some research, and it will be nice seeing you again. Otherwise I improved my russian a lot at the MGU last summer, and my studies are going well.
    Patrick Flack
    Universite de Geneve, Switzerland
  • Reiner Schuster
    I would like to thank you again for your help before and during my stay in Moscow last month. I really enjoyed my stay and learning Russian and hope to come back next year to continue with my studies. With best wishes
    Reiner Schuster
  • Pierpaolo Bettoni
    Dear all at the Ruslanguage school, I would like to thank you all for the nice experience and the course. I kindly ask you to say good bay and also my thanks to my teacher because I am very sorry that I couldn’t go to the last lesson to meet her. Again thank you. I wish you and all Ruslanguage staff a nice day and good work.
    Pierpaolo Bettoni
    University of Bologna, Italy
  • Dear Dr. Baishev, Thank you for sending the grade reports for our two students. I am very happy to hear that Joan and Allison had a valuable learning experience and that they adapted so comfortably to the program and to Moscow. We look forward to sending more students in the future. Best regards.
    Jeff McKibben
    The Ohio State University Office of International Education

Specialized School of Russian as a Foreign Language