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More harm than good

Russian language is rich with expressions that have become so commonplace today that it is difficult to find their origins. Some are more easily identified as […]

Moscow cinema

Сейчас, когда одним из самых доступных и потому популярных развлечений Москвы является кино, трудно представить, что когда-то всё было совсем иначе (Now that one of the […]

Travelling by train

In our world where everything is going so fast, travelling на поезде (by train) through Russia is a great experience. Imagine, it takes 9 days to […]

Education in Russia

With грамотность (a literacy rate) close to 100%, Russia shows its great concert about образование (education). According to Конституция Российской Федерации (the Constitution of the Russian […]

Kamchatka: peninsula or desk?

There is an выражение (expression) in Russia that will please students from the задняя парта (back row) – Kamchatka. The Geography Class But let’s start with […]

How Moscow got its name

Everybody, residents and guests of our capital, knows that the city stands on the bank of the Moskva river. Hence the name of Moscow. But why […]

Weather and proverbs

Weather is a great concern in Russia. We spent many cold months waiting for the short summer, and soon, after few busy weeks taking care of […]

Victory Day in Russia

Thanks to Hollywood movies, computer games, and state information, many people believe что победу над силами фашистов Гитлера во Второй мировой войне (that the victory over […]

Easter celebration with Kulich

With spring well on its way and nature waking up after a long winter, every Russian soul is filled with joy. And our happiness has not […]

The History and Traditions of Easter in Russia

For foreigners visiting Russia (and especially Moscow), it soon becomes obvious that доминирующая религиозная конфессия (the dominant religion) of our country is православное христианство (Orthodox Christianity). […]