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Andrei Tarkovsky


Андрей Тарковский (Andrei Tarkovsky) was born on April 4th, 1932. His father, Arsenal Tarkovsky was a famous Russian poet, and his mother an actress.

He was popular among his school mates, always well dressed and polite. Andrei was always dressed to the last fashion, even though the family was extremely poor, especially after the departure of his father when the boy was only 5.

The family moved to Moscow then, in Shshipok lane. Tarkovsky was a relaxed student, even communicating with his teachers as with equals. It was evident that the feeling of interior freedom was inherently inside him.


In Moscow, Andrei Tarkovsky was accepted at the department of film director at ВГИК (State Institute of Cinematography), in the studio of Mikhail Romm. There, he learned with the legendary V. Shukchin, A. Konchalovsky, E. Klim and other stars of the cinema. The class was very talented, but the most popular among them were Tarkovsky and Shukchin.

During his studies, Tarkovsky befriended with Konchalovsky, always writing their scenarios together. Tarkovsky’s diploma film, “The Steamroller and the Violin” won the first prize at the New-York Student Film Festival in 1961.


Andrei Tarkovsky filmography consists of 18 films. His cinematographic career started in 1956, while still a student, with a short length movie called “Убийцы” (The Killers) based on one of E. Hemingway’s short story.

His most well known films are “Иваново Детство” (Ivan’s Childhood), “Андрей Рублёв” (Andrei Rublev), “Солярис” (Solaris), “Зеркало” (The Mirror), “Сталкер” (Stalker).

He shot his last film “Жертвоприношение” (The Sacrifice) in 1985.

Andrei Tarkovsky died in Paris on December 29, 1986.

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Today’s film

The film “Андрей Рублёв” (Andrei Rublev) is about the life and destiny of the great icon painter Andrei Rublev. But more than a biography, Tarkovsky depicted a realistic portray of the Medieval Russia of the 15th century.

This film is considered one of the hundred best films in the history of cinematography. The scenario was written with M. Konchalovsky.

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