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I step through Moscow

Я шагаю по Москве” (“I step through Moscow, also translated as “I walk around Moscow”) is a Soviet film directed by Георгий Данелия (Georgi Daneliya) in 1963.

The film was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival the following year for the work of cameraman Вадим Юсов (Vadim Yusov).

“I step through Moscow” star a young Никита Михалков (Nikita Mikhakov) as Коля (Kolya), the main character of the film. It’s the story of three young guys, two of them living in Moscow, and the third one, a young poet arriving from Siberia on the invitation of a famous author. We follow them in their busy day, going through Moscow for their business.

It a nice and romantic portrait of the young generation in Moscow in the 1960s. It is also the portrait of Moscow, its metro, its busy and noisy streets, its touristic places.