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Idiomatic Use of Russian Verbs of Motion

The idiomatic use of the verbs of motion in the Russian language can sometimes be close to their English equivalent: время летит (time is flying), носить очки, пальто (to wear glasses, a coat) … Other verbs of motion can be more difficult for a foreigner to remember: сойти с ума (to lose one’s mind), дождь идёт (it’s raining).

It is so true that время летит (time flies)! It’s already June. Girls носят прекрасные платья и солнцезащитные очки (wear lovely dresses and sunglasses). And everybody is talking about как провести лето (how to spend the summer).

Summer in Russia

Many Russians like провести/проводить время (to spend time) at their dacha. There, they take care of their garden, prepare jams and preserves for winter, invite friends and family. In short, they can вести себя (behave) the way they want.

But sometimes, when дождь идёт (it’s raining), children can get bored. You can, of course, play some games inside or вести рассказ (tell them a story), but they most surely will выводить/вывести вас из терпения (make you lose patience).

Winter is a magical season and Russians love it. They also love it for Christmas Holidays. They really get excited when первый снег идёт (it’s snowing for the time). They like outdoor recreations but they would never leave their house unless they are dressed properly. After few hours in the cold and in the snow, they like to join in a cafe or at home to drink really hot tea and вести разговор (to have a conversation) about life.

And you? Do you have any plans провести лето (to spend the summer)?

Russian verbs of motion from the text above:

Время идёт Time passes
Время бежит Time runs
Годы идут Years pass
Дождь идёт It’s raining
Снег идёт It’s snowing
Урок идёт The lesson is going on
Вести урок To conduct a class
Вести переговоры To conduct negotiations
Вести разговор To have a conversation
Вести рассказ To tell a story
Носить очки To wear glasses
Носить одежду To wear clothes
Платье идёт The dress suits (someone)
Выводить/вывести (кого-нибудь) из терпения To make (someone) lose patience
Вести себя To behave
Сойти с ума To lose one’s mind
Провести/проводить лето To spend the summer
Провести/проводить время To spend the time

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