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Krylov’s fables

Иван Андреевич Крылов (Ivan Andreevich Krylov, 1769-1844), the most famous Russian fabulist, keeping a fatherly eye on the twelve metal relief sculptures representing a small part of his works.

Though he is often referred as the Russian Jean de la Fontaine (himself referred as the French Aesop), because of his early work than were imitations of the French fabulist, Krylov wrote numerous original fables later in his life.

Krylov depicted in a very satiric style the incompetent bureaucracy of his time, using anthropomorphised animals to make his political statements in more that 200 fables. This allowed him not to suffer the wrath of Alexander I.

Here you can read some of Krylov’s fables in Russian


 Зеркало и обезьяна

Волк и Ягненок 


Слон и Моська

Ворона и Лисица