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Russia’s Day of Knowledge

Ученье свет - неученье тьма(Learning is the light, ignorance the darkness)

September 1st, is a truly celebration day in Russia, as it is the beginning the school year. We call it “День Знании” (Knowledge Day)

In towns and villages, well-dressed students arrive at school with a bunch of flowers. The celebration begins with solemn lines, in which children stand by classes. They are welcomed by the director of the school and the teachers. Senior students read poetry and perform songs and the "Первый звонок" (first call) rings for the new comers. Older pupils drives younger ones by the hand to class, nicely encouraging them. Because as we say "Азбука - наука, а ребятам бука" (The alphabet is a science, but it's a bogyman for children!). Yes, the first day at school is quite frightening for kids.

[youtube rLAa01MxltA]

Век живи - век учись” (Live and learn)

Ten years ago, when all the children were in line started “Урок мира” (the Lesson of the World), in which were presented the good of mutual aid, the problems of children in different countries, the traditions of the school, of the plans for the whole academic year, and then started other lessons according to the plans. But now schools held only celebrations, concerts, meeting with school-leavers or representatives of the district administration.

Корень ученья горек, да плод его сладок” (The roots of learning are bitter, but the fruit is sweet)

In colleges, institutes and universities this day important too. Of course, nobody stands in rows, but a general meeting is arranged for the first-year students and they are given their student card. They are welcomed by teachers and students of older years.

Знание — сила” (Knowledge is a force).

This motto is written on almost every announcements board in all the educational institutions of the country. We all remember lots of proverbs about study. Here are some of them for you to learn:

Кто хочет много знать, тому нужно мало спать” (Who wishes to know a lot, then he needs to sleep little)

Без муки нет и науки” (Without torture there would be no sciences = adversity is a good teacher)

Повторенье - мать ученья” (Repetition is the mother of learning)

We wish you all good luck for your study!!

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Елена Буланова

“Ученье свет – неученье тьма” (Learning is the light, ignorance the darkness)…