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The Mayakovsky Museum


Маяковский был и остаётся лучшим и талантливейшим поэтом нашей советской эпохи. Безразличие к его памяти и к его произведениям — преступление.” (V. Mayakovsky was and remains the most talented poet of our Soviet epoch. Indifference to his memory and to his work is a crime.) These words are from Stalin himself.


Владимир Владимирович Маяковский (Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky) was a Russian and Soviet poet and playwright born in 1893 in the Russian Empire. He took part in socialist demonstrations from an early age and became a fervent supporter of the Bolsheviks. He was only 16 when he got imprisoned on several occasions for subversive political activities. This is while he was in jail that he started writing poems. Later on he joined the Moscow Art School and became the spokesman of the Futurist movement.




In 1915 he fell in love with Lilya Brik, his editor's wife and started a love affair with her in 1917. But still, Lilya's husband remained the poet's most trusted adviser and close friend.



V. Mayakovsky committed suicide in 1930 at the age of 37. Some consider that his passion for Lilya was one of the reason for killing himself, others say that it is because of the bad reviews he received for his last exhibition, and also because of his disillusion with the Soviet life.



Visiting the museum is like entering Mayakovsky's head on a storming day. The museum will take you to a time when people in Russia were exalted about the idea of a bright future. The museum displays on four floors an incredible bric-a-brac representing the poetic images, symbols and metaphors that were dear to the poet.



The memorial staircase will first take you to the 4th floor to the former communal flat including the 11 metre square room that has been occupied by Mayakovsky for 11 years, and where he shot himself. Then make your way down through Mayakovsky's life, friends and art and of course the dreams of Soviet people.







These words are from Stalin himself…