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Weather and proverbs

Weather is a great concern in Russia. We spent many cold months waiting for the short summer, and soon, after few busy weeks taking care of the garden, enjoying our little dacha with family and friends, traveling in sunny places, we longed for the bitter cold of New Year.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that so many of our proverbs and sayings are linked to the weather. Here some of them for you:

  • There is no point Ждать у моря погоды (wait by the sea for the weather): Wait in vain for something.

  • Идти куда ветер дует: To go the way the wind blow.

  • Быть мрачным как туча (to be dark as a rain cloud) or Ходить как туча (to go like a dark rain cloud): To go about with black looks.

  • Как гром среди ясного неба (like the thunder in a clear sky): A bolt from the blue.
  • We also say Как снег на голову (like the snow on the head), which has the same meaning.

  • И на солнце есть пятна (and there are spots on the sun): Nobody is perfect.

  • Мороз по коже дерёт (the frost shiver on the skin): It gives one the creep.

  • Weather

    And here are two famous and international proverbs about the seasons:

  • Сколько лет, сколько зим! (how many summers, how many winters!): It’s been a long time!
  • Одна ласточка не делает весны: One swallow does not make a summer.