Leisure Activities at Russian language school

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons why students come to study in our school is an opportunity to plunge into the Russian language environment. The excursion program is an essential part of student cultural life.

Ruslanguage School takes care of students’ impressions and strives to make their time in Russia full of positive emotions, new experience, stunning revelations, uncommon knowledge and unforgettable memories. We pay particular attention to making events and leisure activities in our school useful for practicing Russian language skills and helpful in expanding horizons of understanding the Russian culture.

Thus, many of our students refer to such combination of classes and excursions as “educational tourism”.

Every week there is a new event in our school. We go on excursions and do sightseeing, visit theatres and cinemas, play games at school and participate in entertaining programs in Moscow, make parties at school and go to bars and pubs. All our students gladly participate in our school events, become friends and enjoy their time in Russia.
Enjoy the beauty of Moscow and explore this wonderful city with us!

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Excursions in Moscow: Excursions in suburbs:
  • Mission Control Center and Gagarin Space Training Center
  • Yasnaya Polyana, museum-estate of Leo Tolstoy 
  • Melekhovo, museum-estate of Anton Chekhov
  • And many other
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