Students of the Ruslanguage school

Russian study programs for everybody

The Ruslanguage school is a vibrant international community. Our students of the Russian language are employees of foreign corporations, banks and companies, representatives of diplomatic missions and their family members, as well as students, probationers, post-graduates and young professionals from various countries of Europe, America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Students come to learn the Russian language in Moscow both for professional and personal reasons. Whatever the purpose, they get indispensable and comprehensive knowledge of Russian which helps them to achieve their goals.

The Russian study programs in Moscow have been developed on the base of culturological aspects of present-day life in Russia. Grammar studies combined with extensive speaking practice at Russian classes make the study process interesting, encouraging, and efficient.

Russian language teachers of the school train our students for TORFL exam of all levels (Test of Russian as a foreign language). By now 100% of our students have successfully passed TORFL exam, from A1 to C2 level.

Apart from Russian language lessons, students of the Ruslanguage school are involved into a rich social life. They take active part in school's events, discussion clubs in Russian and excursions, acquaint with the Russian history and traditions of Russian cinema, literature and other areas of Russian life. This presents a unique opportunity not only to practice Russian in natural language situations, but also to set strong and long- lasting friendships.

Our Russian language students highly value the School's teaching standards, friendly atmosphere and an inspiring learning experience they get at Russian study programs in Moscow. Their results in learning the Russian language is what makes us proud!

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