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The Red Square

The history of Красная площадь (the Red Square) is irremediably linked with the history of Кремль (the Kremlin) as it has witnessed so much of Russian […]

The Pushkin Fine Arts Museum of Moscow

Art lovers visiting Moscow, should spend at least few hours in the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum. Indeed the museum displays the largest collection of foreign arts […]

Your Honour, Lady Luck

The song “Ваше Благородие, Госпожа Удача” (Your Honour, Lady Luck) has been written by Bulat Okydzhava in 1967, and is the main theme song in the […]

“Winter Evening” – A. Pushkin

Alexandr Pushkin is one of the greatest Russian poet of all time. He is also famous for modernising Russian language. “Зимний Вечер” (Winter Evening) is a […]

New groups for beginners from March 21 and April 4

“We are always happy to welcome newcomers in our school and help them to make their first steps in learning Russian. On March 21 and April […]

Around Kaliningrad – National Park of Curonian Spit

Perhaps even more than the capital city of Kaliningrad, the region which bear the same name is famous for its Baltic coast, which always been know […]

The City of Kaliningrad

Leningrad, Stalingrad, Sverdlovsk, Kuybyshev, Kaliningrad… During the Soviet times, it was a tradition to name towns of some importance after the name of a prominent figure […]

Maslenitsa, the week of Festivities

Maslenitsa has always been celebrated, even during the Soviet times when all religious holidays were banned. People would then observe the festive side of the holiday, […]

Maslenitsa, or the Pancakes Festival

One of the merriest holiday in Russia is certainly Масленица (Maslenitsa) also called сырная неделя (the cheese week). This ancient Slavic festival has its origins in […]

Нечего – Ничего

Если тебе нечего сказать, ничего не говори! (If you have nothing to say, don’t say anything!) You can see in this sentence that we are using […]
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