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Russian Chanson

Today, I would like to introduce you to a musical genre, typically Russian, which is called criminal songs. It is a musical genre that celebrates the […]

April, April! Poem about Spring

The following poem is a poem for children written by Samuil Marshak to celebrate the arrival of April and the end of winter

Tarkovsky’s Diploma Film “The Steamroller and the Violin”

The Steamroller and the Violin is Andrei Tarkovsky is diploma film at the State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) but was made at the Mosfilm studio at […]

Russian Idioms and Lime Tree

This is a well known fact that birch tree is considered as a symbol in Russia but, oddly enough, it is not the one that is […]

Сырники – Delicious Russian Cheese Pancakes

Сырники is a Russian and Ukrainian fried quark pancake served with sour cream, jam, honey or apple sauce.

Russian Idioms: Где Раки Зимуют

Have you ever tried crayfish? Connoisseurs say that they are especially tasty during the months in which a R is used, which means from September to […]

Rostov-On-Don, the Gates to the Caucasus

Today, I would like to introduce you with another city whose name is very similar to Rostov Veliky

Prepositions “в” and “на” with the Prepositional Case

Today I would like to bring your attention on two Russian prepositions that can be confusing for foreigners, the prepositions на and в

Russian Film: “Край” – The Edge

The Edge is a 2010 Russian drama directed by Alexei Uchitel

To Do Something On the Off Chance

To do something on the off chance, (faith in luck) it means to rely on chance, on luck.