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How to find your way around a Russian city

Today, let’s talk about how to read an address and how to find your way around a Russian city. Let’s start with the names of the […]

Okroshka recipe. Russian cold soup

In summer, when the sun of July burns the land, when temperatures leave us exhausted at the slightest effort and when it even becomes difficult to […]

How to say I Love You in Russian

Скоро День святого Валентина (Valentine’s Day is coming soon), and although this celebration is quite new in Russia, many Russians (especially young and romantic people) celebrate […]

Who was Peter the Great?

It is well known that Peter the Great was an outstanding statesman and a great commander. Каков же был сам Петр? (But who was the man […]

The tradition of kissing in Russia

A friendly kiss, a romantic one, a kiss according to the etiquette or depending on a ritual, has always accompanied the process of communication in many […]

Russian Olivier Salad

For many decades now, it is impossible to imagine a party, whether in one of those fancy and expensive restaurants, whether at home or at one […]