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Easter celebration with Kulich

With spring well on its way and nature waking up after a long winter, every Russian soul is filled with joy. And our happiness has not […]

The History and Traditions of Easter in Russia

For foreigners visiting Russia (and especially Moscow), it soon becomes obvious that доминирующая религиозная конфессия (the dominant religion) of our country is православное христианство (Orthodox Christianity). […]

Moscow metro

Московский метрополитен (Moscow Metro) is the fastest and most simple way to go around Moscow and its suburb. In 1935, the first part of the Сокольническая […]

Smiling in Russia

The culture of smiling A smile is an important and often indispensable element of communication in many cultures. In the public consciousness, people can be divided […]

Summertime in a Russian Dacha

Do you have a dacha? А у вас есть дача? This question is often asked in Russia to anyone living in a large city. With the […]