Vysotsky’s “Song About a Friend”
The Old Arbat Street (part 1)

The Old Arbat Street (part 2)

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The golden ballerina you can see next to the theatre is the beautiful Princess Turandot, whose intrigue inspired Puccini.



Across the street, this heavy grey neo-gothic building is Центральный Дом Актёра (the Central House of Actors). It was build during the Soviet era and housed the apparatchiks of the capital. If you look up, you'll see two knights in armour, one on each side of the building, keeping a watchful eye on the house.



The wall at the angle of the Arbat street and Krivoarbatsky alley is dedicated to the famous Soviet rock band Кино (Kinogt;). Unfortunately, so many graffitis have been made, that it is quite impossible to see anything. Nowadays, young people still come here to leave a message, sing and drink together.



The last destination of Синий Троллейбус (the blue trolleybus) is not a bad one. It was brought here in 2009 and became bard-caf?, a place where you can have a snack, enjoy a drink and discover Russian bards live.




But the atmosphere of the Old Arbat would not be the same without the musicians, portraitists and booksellers you can meet along your walk. They are the soul of the street, its memory. They just bring that festive and relaxing feeling, an invitation to sat at and relax at the terrace of one of the many trendy caf?s that lined the street, and why not to share a drink with famous figures from the past!




And if by any chance you've forgotten to buy souvenirs, where else but the Arbat could you find everything you need from a set of matryoshka dolls to a nice fur hat, from the famous Gzhel ceramics to semi-precious stone jewellery.



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The Old Arbat street also welcome many cultural manifestations on the week-ends. The book festival, the festival of the soap bubbles, carnival, the street definitely brings a festive atmosphere to Moscow.



So welcome all to the Old Arbat street, and to our new school!!!

You can read the first part of our article…